Right, so the website is nearing completion, I thought it would be time to start the blogfeature. Allthough this is a free website I have to say I am satisfied with all the possibilities! (As you might have noticed, I am hosting this all at Weebly, and unless you rent some extra services from them, this is all free.)

Yesterday I uploaded the third video to my youtube channel. It's my first actual in-game tips&tricks video so please be gentle in your commentaries.

Scheduled for the coming time is taking a screenshot of every flag, and every unit (working on that, but it's just a lot of work :o ) and making a page about them screenies.
Also I think I should add a page on all the different countries, as I am stilling missing that.

If you, dear reader, have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on this blog or to use my tiny forum. Your ideas are very welcome!

If you wish to catch me in a more public place by the way, I am also active on the Taleworlds forum, under the name Derpwell.

Hope to catch you again soon!
Derpwell, signing out,


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    Bartholomew Derpwell is the fictional character representing a Dutch gamer in his 20s. Derpwell, as a character and as blogwriter, tries his best to entice and to instruct fellow gamers, hoping to provide them with useful information so they don't need to go on a search-rampage for it.


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